Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who do I call for service?
A) Trevor’s Power Equipment 801-417-9502

Q) Do you pick up and deliver?
A) We pick up and deliver for a service fee of $30 in town, up to $50 for extended area (i.e. Park City, Lehi, Tooele)

Q) When should I service my machine?
A) Most machines don’t need to be serviced annually but require minor maintenance. Machines being used for extended duration’s should be serviced more frequently. the typical rule is change the oil every 100 hours, but check, and top it off every 10 hours. Air filters should be inspected every 10 hours and replaced when dirty. Spark plugs can go for 100 hours, but will need replaced sooner if run using a dirty air filter.

Q) What does a service entail?
A) A typical service will include changing the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug. Changing the oil. Sharpening the blade, cutter, or attachment. Replacing the sheer pins / bolts. Checking and adjusting cables. Ensuring the machine runs correctly. Testing the drive and power output from the blade, cutters, blower nozzle, augers, or other attachments. A major tune up will include cleaning the carburetor to the standard tune up. Other repairs like changing cables, wheels, handle bars, other components are not included on the tune up and will be charged separately.

Q) My machine will not start, what is the  cause?
A) Most of the time it is caused by the carburetor being clogged. the main nozzle / jet will have deposits from the fuel breaking down. Other causes may be lack of spark, faulty ignition coil. Engine wear and damage. Empty fuel tank, or petcock shut off.

Q) Is it cheaper to replace my machine than repair it?
A)Depending on the brand, type of machine machine it may be more cost effective to replace it. Some brands are designed to be cheap to sell to entice customers into buying replacements instead of repairs, which can cost more than some of the higher quality brand names in the long run. If you have to replace your machine every other year you may be wasting more money than buying a quality brand name and doing minor repairs as necessary.

Q) Where can I get my machine serviced?
A) Trevor’s power Equipment! Regardless of where you bought it we can service it. There are a few exceptions as to what we do work on (riding mowers, deck mowers) but we do not repair cranes, bulldozers, large equipment, diesel / propane fueled machines.