Trevor’s Power Equipment is a small local company built by Trevor Carpenter.

Trevor was raised in Sandy, Utah and attended Jordan High School. While studying at Jordan he took an interest in automotive repair and maintenance.
While not the best student in English and History he excelled at the hands on class of automotive. Seeing a bright future in the repair industry he furthered his education at the Larry Miller Campus of Salt Lake Community College.

After his studies he applied and was hired by Larry Miller Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge. Working as a lot attendant he slowly worked his way into the garage to become a lube mechanic. From there he progressed slowly to do tires and other minor repairs. Being dissatisfied with the slow progression he left Larry Miller to find new work. After searching around he came to meet with Sam Wilson, owner and operator of Speed’s Power Equipment in Salt Lake City.

Spending time learning about power equipment he soon became enthralled with working on chainsaws and blowers. Deciding this was the right fit, he would spend the next 9 1/2 years getting to know all he could about power equipment. While learning from Sam proper customer care and how to run and operate a business he soon began to dream of one day opening his own shop. Talking to his wife about his dream he started planning. The process was slow and arduous, the problems with slow response time from the bank, the lack of funding didn’t deter him. Through perseverance and will he forged ahead keeping hope and the dream alive. Finally after set backs and delays he succeeded.

On March 1st, 2017 he opened his doors to the public